Custom Fitness Programs to fit your life


Our success and our happiness at D-Gym is derived solely from seeing you achieving a lifestyle that makes you feel better and be healthier. Our model at D-Gym is to leave our own ego at the door and use all of our expertise and information available to develop a strategy that works best for you. We encourage the most positive atmospheres for growth and success, and are hell-bent on having you reach a better place than you started, tackling milestones, and leaving you with lasting abilities to care for your health


You’ll learn to do more with less, to connect with your body, and to move in ways that keep you safe, strong, and surprising yourself. We’ve got the essentials covered, and we’ll get you to become a pro with them yourself.


Our body’s fuel and behind the scenes maestro, proper nourishment is key to seeing results for our hard work in the gym. We’ve got the information and resources to work out something healthy that fits your lifestyle, with the right balance for you and your goals.


You will be working alongside, but independently, with up to 3 other members, each on your own programs, each at different stages, and all driving yourselves and each other to improve.


No two people are at the same place, and this is the foundation of how we shape your program and your training.


Our vision was straightforward – to create a system and atmosphere optimized for you to connect with your body and mind, and together navigate the road to a healthier, better feeling you.

We follow the principle that simple is best.

We use no music or mirrors – just our dedicated space for you to work with a coach and your customized program, alongside but separate from others.
We look to the big picture, and constantly build upon habits and knowledge to create lasting results that lead to lasting development and changes in who we are.

At D-Gym we share a common purpose – to make lasting positive changes to our health and habits – inside and outside the gym.

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