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D-Gym - About us

D-GYM is a boutique fitness studio that focuses on private to semi-private personal training. Our certified personal trainers will instruct you through your custom training session alongside up to 3 other trainees in the studio.


To encourage and empower you to live a healthy lifestyle through the incorporation of movement and proper nutrition. To provide you with the guidance, support and knowledge to ensure you are taking the right steps to reach your fitness goal(s) and to look and FEEL better.


We’re here for you. We meet you as you are, identify the goals you’re looking to achieve, devise a strategy and embark on your fitness journey. We teach you important skills while guiding you through your personalized workout. We celebrate as we reach milestones, big or small. We do it together.


D-Gym is located a few blocks north of the Danforth on Pape Ave.

By Car
There is ample free street parking, and usually there isn’t much traffic around our facilities

A 7-minute walk from Pape Station, or if you prefer to take a bus, it will drop you off just a couple of doors down from us (for those rainy days, right?)

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First step is to arrange a brief call with us, then come in for a free consultation to see if we’ve got a good fit – no strings attached. We want to ensure we find the best fit for you.

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Using a ‘bottom-up’ approach, we assess where you are at and create a training program that best suits you. We regularly check in to ensure your satisfaction, adapting the program as you reach milestones and continuously level-up.


Looking to become a stronger you? Your trainer will build a program that improves overall strength, muscular adaptation and increased muscle mass. We will empower you to feel your strongest inside and outside the gym, with continuous support and guidance on lifestyle habits to optimize your results.


Healthy fat-loss requires a multi-faceted approach, with a large portion of the battle taking place outside of the gym. We’ll create an effective program to support your journey while addressing other key lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, stress management and more.


Looking to improve your quality of life through movement and mobility? Your trainer will build a program to support smoother, pain-free movement. Re-discover the fun and freedom that comes with being able to move freely.


Living with past injuries or chronic pain? Your trainer will work with it and around it. Together, you and your trainer will address any pain and/or discomfort and choose specific movements and exercises to achieve your goals, while allowing you to live a more comfortable, physically pain-free life.


It’s often said that 80% success is showing up, and that’s exactly what we ask you to do. Whether you come in with boat loads of motivation or just enough to get started, there will be ups and downs, and that’s why we are here. You will learn, grow, struggle, and thrive – and we’ll be your teammate, cheerleader, and mentor alike. A healthy life requires a holistic approach, and besides the work you do in the gym with us, D-GYM embodies all aspects of this.

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