Having a regular exercise schedule is one of the key foundations when beginning your fitness journey. You need to have a plan, but you also need to make sure you make the necessary time to do it otherwise you’ll be running around all of the time and never get anywhere. Timing can be hard for people, the daily stressors of work, family and social commitments can be found in everyone. There is, however, always time if you plan it properly. There are 24 hours in a day, for most of us we sleep 8, sometimes even 6. That leaves us with 16-18 hours left in each day, a typical work day for people ranges between 8-10 hours a day so that leaves us with roughly 8-10 hours left in the day for family, social and fitness. Making fitness fit into that remaining time, while at times challenging, is completely doable and also necessary in order to make the critical lifestyle changes you are hoping to make a priority.

Creating A Routine

When you schedule your workouts, they become more routine. They become much like anything else you do every day, such as making coffee, walking your dog or brushing your teeth. Making your workout regime a regular part of your day-to-day life will set you up for long-term success. Having your exercise program scheduled also allows you to naturally progress in endurance and strength as your body will learn and adapt to the stimulus that it is being regularly presented with.

Scheduling workouts can potentially help you schedule and commit to other things in life, too. Creating a solid workout schedule foundation will set the building blocks to be more consistent with day-to-day things you may be struggling to make a consistent habit. 

Building a regular fitness schedule not only guarantees more efficient workouts at the micro level but also sets you up to achieve all sorts of long-term fitness goals at a macro level. Like they say, “Consistency is key”.

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