You’ve probably heard it before one place or another, the importance of “showing up”. But, one may ask “well how about the work I put in during my workouts? Or what if I slack on my diet, or I don’t sleep, or I treat my body like crap?”, and I would answer that we will cross those bridges when we get to them, and we will take it day by day and session by session.

By committing to showing up (in this case, to a training session) a couple days a week, you are briefly immersed in an atmosphere where you will be challenged physically and mentally, and where self-care will be made a priority. This is what your coaches will look to do, to bring out the best in you in that moment. Even after these few sessions in the gym a week, and with soreness as a reminder of your hard work, you are giving yourself more space to be open to inspiration and working harder towards your self-care goals.

Also, utilize us, your coaches/trainers, and the online community at D-Gym, to source more inspiration. We’re all at some stage of the same ongoing challenge.

Is it possible that you will show up for a few sessions, even for a few months, without having your eating and sleeping habits in a great place? Absolutely – and it happens to the best of us. But if the alternative is not showing up for your few sessions each week, we know that in the least showing up will be a step in the right direction, no matter how big or small. These are victories worth celebrating.

What if we viewed success not as a destination, but of a feeling along the journey? We might be surprised how successful we really are.

Show up to something that you know feels right, throw yourself into it, the rest will come together with time. Call it a leap of faith.

The at-home fitness essentials to avoid becoming a potato

There are a lot of life lessons emerging during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them many of us are feeling is the lack of stability when not being able to access a gym or partake in regular group fitness sessions we otherwise would be doing.

Even as a trainer with a sizable arsenal of exercises to perform at home, I still find a different kind of struggle with this amount of isolation and lack of equipment I am used to using.

Popularized during this time, and dissected and reconstructed from a trainer such as myself is an easy, minimal equipment workout plan that can get you to avoid falling into the far depths of couch potatoism and actually feeling pretty good again.

Below are a few example templates for we need to get moving to feel good