A large misconception when it comes to exercise is the harder you push yourself, the faster you will see results. This is in fact not true. This type of training is referred to as overtraining and can not only impede your progress but also increase the likelihood of injury. When you overtrain, your body does not receive the adequate amount of time to heal and build muscle. Microtears in the muscles are created when exercise puts strain on your body. These microtears need time to heal and are the key to seeing muscle growth. 

Common signs that you are overtraining:

  • Extended muscle soreness
  • Increased injuries 
  • Constant fatigue
  • Getting tired early in your workout
  • Hitting performance plateaus or declines in your workouts

Several ways you can help yourself to avoid overtraining:

  • Eating Well 
  • Hydration 
  • Sleep 
  • Leaving time for rest and recovery 
  • Not overdoing it

All things considered, the best way to exercise in a safe and effective manner is to speak with a personal fitness specialist. This ensures that you follow an appropriate individualized training program with the required progressions to guarantee you results… safely!

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